QEEG Certification Program
24-Hour Didactic w/ Self-Paced Learning


Abstract: In spite of a growing body of research, quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) as an assessment modality is only beginning to gain recognition in psychological and health sciences. In research settings, QEEG has been used to explore depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, dyslexia, mild traumatic brain injury, cognitive decline and optimal performance to name a few areas. It is used to inform neurofeedback therapies.

This course is accredited by the QEEG Certification Board
Intermediate Level



Cynthia Kerson, PhD, QEEGD, BCN, BCB Cynthia Kerson is the founder, COO and director of education for APEd. She maintains a practice in the San Francisco area where she specializes in neurofeedback training for learning disabilities, pain, depression and anxiety. She is also currently the vice president of the Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research (FNNR) where she coordinate the grant and publishing programs. 
Dr. Kerson has published several papers and articles, is a mentor for BCIA and a member of AAPB and SABA. She frequently presents at meetings on neurofeedback and the research projects of the FNNR. She served as president of the Biofeedback Scoiety of California twice, serves on the Board of the AAPB Neurofeedback Section and the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation. In addition to her more academic pursuits, she frequently consults with the media, contributing her expertise to television, including serving as the ‘EEG expert’ for the popular program MythBusters. 

John C. LeMay, MA, QEEGT, BCN, BCB is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Reno, NV and Pismo Beach, CA.  He received his degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1993 from Azusa Pacific Universityand started applying biofeedback to interpersonal settings just after graduating. He was licensed in California as an MFT in 1997, licensed in Nevada in 1998, and has been in private practice in Reno, NV since 1997.  In 2003 John and his colleague and friend George H. Green, PhD developed a BCI robotic device as proof of concept for weighted autonomy and computerized neural networking.  He is past president of The Biofeedback Society of California and specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders