APEd is the educational program founded by Dr. Cynthia Kerson in 2015 (former director of Brain Science International Education Program). This program provides coursework that follows the tradition of BSI in providing excellent, unbiased education opportunities for biofeedback, neurofeedback, and QEEG candidates as well as seasoned practitioners who seek certification. Our world-class instructors have lectured, trained and taught internationally for over 30 years.

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APEd specializes in certification coursework for BCIA and QEEG Certification Board. Our courses utilize state-of-the-art equipment, are offered throughout the world and are taught by the field's esteemed experts.

Dr. Kerson  comes to your facility and trains your team to become proficient as well as certified in neurofeedback BCIA BCN), biofeedback (BCIA BCB) and/or QEEG (QEEG Certification Board QEEGT or QEEGD)

We provide individual or group mentoring for BCIA BCN, BCB, BCH, and QEEG certifications. We offer discounts for bulk purchases.


“We commissioned Dr. Kerson to come to our practice to provide the BCIA-accredited didactic for neurofeedback certification (BCN). She provided the full course both in-person with a lot of hands-on training on our equipment as well as held live webinars to facilitate the required learning modules. Our team was very pleased with the learning model and are now on their way to complete mentoring hours and are preparing for the exam. Everyone enjoyed Dr. Kerson’s engaging, professional, knowledgeable and informed coursework as well as her practical knowledge of the equipment. We would highly recommend Dr. Kerson for this type of learning experience.”
KF, Charleston, SC

“I had the privilege of taking one of Dr. Kerson’s QEEG courses. The course was instrumental in providing a more thorough understanding of QEEG artifacting and analysis as well as developing protocols and treatment plans. Dr. Kerson brings a unique skill set to her classes between her diverse and seasoned background in the field, as well as her unbiased and transparent approach to her teaching which is invaluable. The course also incorporated a variety of teaching modalities which made it engaging, enjoyable and interactive. Dr. Kerson is a great teacher and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others.”
LC, Houston, TX