Program Committee

Cynthia Kerson, 2(PhD), QEEGD, BCN, BC, BCH is currently the founder and director of education for APEd (Applied Psychophysiology Education) and professor at Saybrook University, Dept. of Psychophysiology. She is BCIA certified in biofeedback, neurofeedback, and Heart Rate Variability and holds certification as a diplomate in QEEG and mentors applicants for all certifications.  

Her role with APEd is to develop and teach introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses in the specialized areas of brain training and EEG analysis. She teaches the EEG Biofeedback, QEEG, Advanced Neurofeedback, and Neuropsychophysiology courses in Saybrook University’s Doctoral Program of Psychophysiology as well as chairs dissertations in applied neuromodulation and assessment. Her research interests are in neuromodulation and uses of applied psychophysiology for ADHD, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Dr. Kerson is an awardee and co-investigator of the NIMH grant for the 5-year ICAN study, which is looking at neurofeedback for ADHD and is in its final year of collecting data. 

Cynthia has published many articles and chapters on biofeedback and neurofeedback and is the co-editor of Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback in the 21st Century.  

Cynthia is the vice president of the Board of Directors for the Behavioral Medicine Foundation (BMRTF) and has served on the Board of AAPB, as vice president of FNNR (Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research), as president of the AAPB Neurofeedback Section and is two times past president of the Biofeedback Society of California. FULL CV

Chris Gilbert, PhD, BCB is a licensed psychologist working at the Kaiser Permanente Chronic Pain clinic in San Francisco. Education includes B.A. from UCLA (anthropology) and Ph.D. from Michigan State University (psychology). He taught at Ramapo College in New Jersey and was certified in biofeedback by B.C.I.A. in 1980. He has written and presented seminars and workshops on biofeedback, headaches, breathing disorders, chronic pain, hypnosis, and the placebo response. FULL CV

Tina Galordi, PsyD, S.E.P. Dr. Galordi practices psychotherapy in beautiful San Rafael, California in private practice as well as at Bayside Marin, an inpatient/outpatient  center for substance  abuse, PTSD, depression and other mood disorders. She attained her doctorate at ASPP and her undergrad at Sonoma State University. Her specialty and expertise are in treating trauma and addiction. She is a Certified Somatic Experience Practioner, having trained under Peter Levine and Steve Hopkinson and assists training seminars throughout the year. FULL CV

Scheherazade Collins, MA, MPhil, LMFT Scheherazade is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Santa Monica. She has had extensive clinical experience working with neurofeedback to treat attention disorders and Autism Spectrum disorders.  Her practice focuses on combining psychotherapy with neurofeedback in order to assess and treat a variety of mental health concerns.  She is a former professional ballerina, which has geared her research and practice towards an emphasis on Peak Performance training for high-functioning professions.    Scheherazade is Dr. Kerson's administrative assistant for APEd and will be the main point of contact for course attendees. FULL CV

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