Mentoring is a vital part of the certification process, holding as much importance, or possibly more, that the accredited didactic. It's where you practice with real people, whether family members, friends or beginning clients. Cynthia Kerson mentors for BCIA BNC, BCIA BCB and QEEGT/D. She is registered with both organizations as a mentor.

Dr. Kerson and/or her highly qualified affiliates are versed in traditional neurofeedback, biofeedback, LORETA neurofeedback, z-score neurofeedback and neuromodulatory approaches including AVE, CES and tDCS. She is qualified to teach and mentor on most all equipment, including NeXus, Thought Technology, BrainMaster, EEGer, Cygnet, Mind Alive and Neuroguide Brain Surfer. What she doesn't know, she can partner you with someone on her team that does.

Dr. Kerson charges $150 an hour for individual  mentoring. She has also formed mentoring groups throughout the world and has seen many candidates successfully become certified.